Clearing the Way for Your Work

Go with us when you need right of way easement in Tomball, Huntsville or Conroe, TX

It can be tough to utilize your land in full, especially if there is too much brush or too many trees. Whether you own a home or business, So-Tex Underbrush Solutions can help you get to where you need to be with right of way easement services.

We have the tools and experience necessary to clear out a path through even the thickest wooded area. Our easements service can clear a path for walking or driving, making it easier to access any part of your property. For towns, we can clear the way for you to install power, oil or gas lines.

Gain the access you need with easements service from So-Tex Underbrush Solutions. Email us today to set up a date for service in the Tomball, Huntsville or Conroe, TX area.

Benefits of right of way easement

Benefits of right of way easement

Clearing a path on your property can be useful in several ways. When we’re done with the work, you’ll be able to:



  • Drive anywhere on your property
  • Build the structures you need
  • Connect roads that don’t currently connect









Schedule a right of way easement service today by contacting our staff. We serve the entire Tomball, Huntsville & Conroe, TXregion.