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Owning a large piece of land comes with challenges. One of the biggest issues you may face is trying to work around patches of brush or piles of debris. So-Tex Underbrush Solutions can make the job much easier with our land clearing services.

Our forestry mulching technique clears large areas of trees and turns them into fresh mulch for the land. That way, you get fresh mulch and access to much more space on your land.

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Benefits of forestry mulching

Benefits of forestry mulching

Forestry mulching is a great way to clear space on your land for a variety of reasons. When you choose this technique, you’ll:


  • Clear more land in a short amount of time
  • Turn the trees into fresh mulch instantly
  • Protect your land from erosion with this fresh mulch
  • Save time and money not having to haul away or burn off the trees




Gain access to more of your land with forestry mulching services. Speak with us now to begin working on clearing your land.